life drawing


                                                    Entering the drawing -self-portrait                                                     






The relationship between artist and subject is intense, whether it be a person or a bowl of fruit. Confronting the nude model is a striped down expression of the artist, it has the same amount of autobiographical information as a diary- one’s thoughts and dreams all encompassed in a daily record of being alive. Since the Venus in Ancient Greece shed her clothes, Western art has had a climatic moment for the arousal of male desire. Her sinuous gestures and warm flesh have whispered everything from divine beauty to pornography. Herman Hesse, in his famous novel, Demian journeys on a path to find two gods- one of the darkness and one of the light. The artist’s nude can reside in a similar space. In the duality of creation and destruction, the material and the void –                                           

                                                                             Adam and Eve

                                                                        nude for the first time……..

                                                                        The journey begins here.